Company Overview

Hot Property Group provide a range of:

  • Diversified Construction
  • Building Design
  • Contract Maintenance Services
  • Land Development Consulting
  • Renovations (Commercial and Industrial)
  • Additions & Remediation
  • Contracted Asbestos Removal
  • Demolition
  • Facilities Management and Maintenance

Hot Property Group has grown significantly since it's inception in 1999. The company is now a truly diversified group with experience in a number of fields, and benefits from the drive of a young and progressive management team.

Our ongoing success can be attributed to the quality of our employees whose expertise covers a wide variety of disciplines, together with Management Systems which comply with the most stringent nationally recognised procedures and practices. Continuous investment in modern building techniques and materials ensures our ability to manage projects of any scope.

Hot Property Group has successfully completed hundreds of construction projects. This work ranges from small projects tendered for private clients through to large scale design and construct developments for State Government and Private Sector.

Hot Property Group specialise in value for money 'turn-key' house and land packages. With our invaluable experience and thorough understanding in property market research, our house and land packages are located in profitable areas to yield optimum results. From concept to handover, our house and land packages are individually designed and constructed on carefully selected sites.

For those with aspirations of property development, we are pleased to offer consultation by providing advice through the process.

Our company has built a reputation on delivering client satisfaction. Working cooperatively and in partnership with clients, Hot Property Group is able to produce superior quality at an affordable price. For this reason, Hot Property Group undertake many projects for return clients.

Hot Property Group regards safety, quality and environmental management as paramount. Safety is a core value of the company and employees are trained and managed within a 'safety culture' environment.

Hot Property Group has experienced outstanding award-winning success. The ongoing strategy of reinvesting profits into the business shall ensure the company has a prosperous future for all involved.


2012 HIA National Housing Award Finalist
for Townhouse/Villa Development of the Year

2011 HIA Greensmart Award finalist in the
category of Greensmart Housing

2011 HIA South Australian Housing Award
winner in the category of Affordable Housing

2011 HIA South Australian Housing Award
winner of the Townhouse/Villa Development of the Year

2010 HIA South Australian Housing Award
winner in the category of Affordable Housing

2010 HIA South Australian Housing Award
winner in the category of Sustainable Housing

Our Personnel

The Hot Property Group distinction begins with our staff. Hot Property Group gives you access to highly skilled and well trained people. Hot Property Group believes that our staff are our most valuable assets; from Designers to Project Managers. We offer our clients a select network of talent, passion and invaluable experience. Any challenges that arise are met with enthusiasm and actioned promptly with optimal results.

The Hot Property Group team whether it is our direct team, subcontractors or project partners work to industry best practices. Quality is assured.