Property Development

Looking to develop your property? Whether you are looking to convert your block into 2 titles or develop a 30+ townhouse community. HPG can assist you!

Many developments fail to become realised because early stage prerequisites, such as funding, create road blocks for the developer, HPG can navigate these roadblocks via our network of resources, and help you achieve your vision. Whether it is funding assistance, various cost management solutions or our vastly experienced staff input. HPG can turn many difficult situations into a successful final product.

We know every project is different, but our approach remains the same. It’s about being clear in what is expected, what is produced and how we go about getting to the outcome needed. If you have a property development that you aren’t sure you can get off the ground in a timely manner, a chat with HPG may provide some clarity on how to structure the project, how to achieve pre-sales or how to meet financing requirements. HPG have a network of investors available to help fund or help with pre-sales, to get your project moving. Get us involved in your feasibility analysis to work through the numbers and see if your project can work. HPG are the Developers Builder. Try us on your next project, and it won’t be your last.

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